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Please Don't Change The Channel (CD)

Please Don't Change The Channel is endearing, campy goodness with Beach Boys harmonies at every turn. But weird lyrics from songs like "Psoriasis" and "Livin' with the Yentas" add a strange kick to these 70s flashback pop songs. Modestly billed as a "novelty-pop" project out of New Jersey, Kingsauce is much more than that. There is some excellent (albeit derivative at times) songwriting here recalling the Beatles, Burt Bacharach, Elton John, The Carpenters, They Might Be Giants, etc.

The variety is what kept this CD in my player for a bit. At any turn you might hear a tune sounding like the Beatles "Taxman" and the next like "We've Only Just Begun" by The Carpenters. They've taken a huge volume of oldies and compressed them into a fun rerun of the baby boomer's generation: flowerpower and/or bellbottoms. Also, Rich Chodes has quite a powerful yet friendly falsetto; a lesser voice might not have pulled these songs off so that they don't sound like covers of 60s tunes. In addition, they've kept the songs short and sweet (most are 3 minutes) just like the radio edits of yore.

They may be stuck in the nostalgia of fastidiously trimmed lawns and sunday trips to the park, but give Kingsauce credit for spicing up their songs with interesting lyrics and saavy instrumentation. I'll leave you with a parting quip from the title track of the album: "Don't give me no Seinfeld, don't give me no Friends, just give me Zoom and a bowl full of Quisp or Quake and I won't break down."

- review by RABBIT (9.2.03)        

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