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Suit Of Hair
Untitled (CD-R Demo)

The Shmat hasn't been to Boston yet, but he bets there's a pretty good independent music scene there. Idealistically, he sort of imagines bands pulling their vans up to the ivy covered walls of academia and dragging their gear through the campus into little coffeehouse niches offering up dollar fifty cups of joe to go with their featured indie rock acts. There, nestled somewhere between the jaunty backbeat of Cut Your Hair -era Pavement and the less experimental moments of the Grifters he thinks he might find Boston, MA's Suit Of Hair.

On the laid-back "Joan Of Arc", singer Andrew's voice sort of reminds the Shmat of the wavery porch rocker Will Oldham at times. "Think You Know" switches gears slightly, featuring muffle-distortion type vocals over a nicely rocking beat. Picture something out of the Strokes catalog, perhaps like "Last Night".

The Shmat actually wishes there was a couple more songs on the demo so that he could get a better gauge of what Suit Of Hair is going for exactly. He was partial to what he's heard so far, but he guesses he'll have to wait and see if Andrew puts out more songs. Suit of Hair is Andrew Burstein (guitar, drums, vocals) with Tim Shea filling in on bass.

- review by SHMAT (4.5.03)        

Andrew Burstein

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