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Untitled (CD-R Demo)

The Shmat thinks you might want to be wary of any review that starts off with "Well, the bongos are kind of cool." Unfortunately, this sort of was the case with the Blackfall CD-R that he got in the mail the other day. Granted, the music is mostly pleasing and consists of standard, acoustic guitar jangling like the typical musical fare you'll hear in coffee shops across the land. The guitars on this CD are in fact extremely lush, due to the fact that EVERYONE plays acoustic guitar on the songs, and two of the players are using twelve string guitars! But the Shmat just did not hear anything extra special in the songs presented here that made him sit up and take notice.

If you like Led Zeppelin and acoustic mid period REM you'll probably dig these songs. Or perhaps even mellow Hootie and the Blowfish. Actually, the Shmat thought that singer Randy Weitzel was pretty decent and sounded the best when he sang in a whispery way like in the beginning of "Where Angels Sin" and "In The Shadows". The only true indie-rock reference that the Shmat could manage pull out of the hat of magical indie comparisons this time was that perhaps Weitzel in his whispery mode sounds like Soo Young Park from Seam. "Hollow" starts out sounding like "One Of The Three" from James' Laid album. "Dazed Company" has some pretty tinkling piano or wurlitzer riffs in the background, but the Shmat did not like the vocals as much on this particular song; a little too strident. The percussion on the songs, which as stated before includes bongos, congas, and shakers, provided a nice little groove that fit all the songs very well.

This is not a half bad disc, just not really the Shmat's cup 'o tea.

- review by SHMAT (9.17.03)        


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