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The Det Chords
Untitled (CD-R Demo)

The Det Chords make no bones about being a "retro band" which is somewhat reassuring in a musical age where everyone is trying to be something other than what they are. The 4 song CD-R I got from them is as blastingly raw and rocking as advertised, but actually seems recorded fairly better than most true garage bands. And maybe I was in a classic flashback mood this morning, but even the frequent guitar solos didn't bother me as much as they usually do with bands like this. I even kind of dug the singer's sort of slingblade-snotty vocal style.

As far as styles go, this actually seems more CCR or Ramones than Led Zeppelin. And there's enough repetition on a few of the songs to get them some comparisons in the Dandy Warhols scheme of things. The songs are short (most hover under 3 minutes long), to the point (lots of A, E, and bar chords), and lack profound lyrics, but then, who's listening for lyrics with a band like this? If this were 10 years ago at the perilous heights of grunge, I think this band might get swept under the classic rock rug. But if the White Stripes and their New Yorkish ilk are (or were) poised to be the saviors of the post 2000 "classic sound" then bands like the Det Chords should have more than a fighting chance of getting something out of that scene. This CD-R demo contains fairly decent stuff, and they could probably use it to get shows at the smaller clubs in their area.

- review by BY (10.5.03)        

Mike Groves

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