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The Goslings
Perfect Interior (CD EP)

The Goslings provide another look into what I like to call the "dark 'n secret" side of the Asaurus label. No... there's no devil worshipping here, just bands that focus mainly on strange experiments in ambience and noise. I think a lot of fans of the poppier stuff on Asaurus will be surprised to hear stuff like Carsick, when i know you will too, and The Goslings. For those folks, pay attention: Unusual Music 101 is about to begin.

"Landing", the initial track on the 5 song Perfect Interior EP, starts out crackly with swirling raw guitar distortion reminiscient of the band Medicine but about halfway through the focus shifts to low, insidious guitars and bass played in the style of Sigur Ros and Spain. The limited vocals on this disc make their ghostly appearance on "Bloom Again" and "Celestine". Twin Peaks fans will really dig the infinitely delayed mutterings on these tracks. The songs are not so much incoherently structured as lo-fi segmentations of carefully carved chaos. But your ears will get used to the unconventional presentation after a few listens. Indeed, I had the disc on repeat in the car today and it matched perfectly with the gloomy inclement weather outside.

The Goslings (comprised of Mr. and Mrs. Max Soren, the former of which has been known to employ such strange brew techniques as mic-ing air conditioning units through delay pedals) have created a really interesting home recording platter. You can label it movie music, or whatever you want. For pure popster naysayers who will venture, "But where are the songs?" just sit back and listen patiently for once... the proof is there in the pudding, which is unusually thick and dreamy in this case.

- review by BY (10.10.03)        

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