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The Millia Green and Pink EP (CD EP)

Many people agree that it is not difficult to record a good record (you simply do as many takes as you need to get it right) and the true test of any band is in a live setting, especially when talking about the dream-pop/shoegaze genre, which tends to lean heavily on post-production, layers of stereo guitar tracks, and mixing savvy. Even more difficult in this genre is the task of having your own sonic identity and avoiding not comparisons (which will come regardless), but sonic plagiarism. Sway have built a solid reputation from their live shows and on good, old fashioned word of mouth, but have been particularly quiet on the release front. Like 2 years quiet. Until now.

Let's get the obligatory references over with: yes, there are elements of Slowdive, Cocteau Twins, and the good Chapterhouse b-sides. Just like damn near every dream-pop/shoegaze album since 1991, which is what makes those references so tired. They never do the band (or this genre, for that matter) any good, intimating instead there is little room for growth or depth, either now or in the future.

"The Millia Green and Pink EP" will be both a treat for fans of Sway and a great introduction for new ones. This 5-song release is gorgeous from the onset with "Fall". "Ever and Ever" has a loping guitar that never fails to
sound fresh; something that can be said for the whole release, really. The vocals are smooth and well done, and not mixed so low that you cannot enjoy them (a common travesty which has robbed us of some great lyric and vocal
work). The songs all stand up on repeated listens and the CD is great loud and under scrutiny, or as unobtrusive background music. All in all, a gorgeous release that Sway should be proud of.

Sway have a 7" single coming out on Pop Renaissance Records at the end of January and will be touring in the Spring.

- review by RP (12.1.03)        

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