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Untitled (CD-R)

Hello, and you'll be hearing more from me very, very soon. I'd like to introduce myself, I am a certain unpaid cretin/troll called Shorty. The Shmat sends a CD my way, and I labor many hours to write up a short (hence the pseudonym), confusing, and often uninteresting review of it so that you might all read it in order to waste your time. Yeah, keep those fan mail letters coming.

If you're looking for wonderful sounding Goddakk moments (sounds kind of like a Kodak moment, you know: share the moment and share the life) chances are you won't find a gazbillion on this CD. Although... I gotta admit the 6 songs on this self released EP are not at all heavy metal industrial which I was led to believe just by the name... you know, any band that has "God" in their name is just asking for trouble if not from the Creator himself then from reviewers like me. But anyway, this wasn't all so bad. True to what their website bills it as, this is like industrial music for film. Sort of sounds like Calexico plus Tortoise plus Mark Snow (X-files) plus Vangelis to me. I don't know. Don't ask me, I don't know a thing about what true industrial or goth sounds like. There's pipes a-clankin', faux strings a-singin', synth blurps a-fartin'. Not much vocals except some heavily modulated whispering stuff. No melody. None needed. I like the last song best. It has a Low/Tindersticks feel to it. Maybe Darren Aronofsky could have used some of this stuff in his earlier pre-Pi low budget movies. It might work.

- review by SHORTY (1.2.04)        

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