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Jason Yudoff
Smoke Sex Water (CD)

It's Shorty again. This CD is by Jason Yudoff and he's called it Smoke Sex Water. Having just seen Return of the King, Jason as depicted in the insert reminded me of Aragorn with his shaggy hair and serious demeanor. A smoking, sunglasses-wearing Aragorn if you can imagine that. The music doesn't sound Tolkien influenced though. It sounds at its best like a funkier version of Ben Folds Five, Black Crowes and Santana on songs like "Happiness", "How I Want To Feel" and "Pride". Somewhat of a deadend as far as pushing the creative envelope, but definitely sitting pretty comfortably in that niche.

The lyrics aren't revolutionary, but competent. Singing is good for this type of music. He knows how to slam the piano keys pretty well in the faster tunes and it doesn't hurt he's got a slew of 10 other session musicians to support him. Very well produced which equals very commercial sounding at times. And I bet his upbeat style is a hit at parties. Sometimes I could imagine he'd be playing as the backup band for a late nite David Letterman type of show. But, I can't seem to listen through to every song on the album and I wouldn't put this on more than a couple times. You caught me on a good day though. Ordinarily, I might attempt to trash it more than just saying that it's fun music for a certain type of crowd and mood, but not for the indie pop scene.

- review by SHORTY (1.3.04)        

Jason Yudoff

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