About Shmat

Hello. Shmat Records was a small independent record label which released mostly local Southern California bands since 2003. For the most part, these bands were comprised of several friends who lived in the area and have similar tastes in music. At one time, the label got rather complicated and busy and we enjoyed a modest amount of success. (Note: success doesn't mean profit)

However, things changed - both in participants personal lives and in the climate of the music industry. There used to be a long FAQ here, but I'm going to avoid it for brevity's sake. We may still try to "release" new music, but it has become increasingly difficult to survive in a digital environment where indie music is often seen as something to be downloaded but not paid for.

I'm not going to be a moral judge here - in general the whole digital thing is actually a good thing for independent bands. Well, usually. And our label goals were never really about turning a profit.

We just don't have the time or energy we did before to try and take on the financial risk, the stress and competition. I'm going to leave that to all the younger indie label owners (there's a good chance this domain name is older than you)

For now, the Shmat site has been redesigned as a very basic legacy place where you read about our old bands and listen to some of the songs. As I said, we might still try to release music but it remains to be seen in what form.

I hope you enjoy the music here. If you did like it, please let me know.

Thanks - Bryan

Other Stuff

Some history - I worked as a freelance web designer, programmer, writer and blogger on various projects for many years but have given up most of that lately. Now focusing on our vintage modern shop at:

a la modern - vintage goods for the modern home. Also on Etsy and Ebay

Also, we've had a mild amount of fame running the Pyrex Love website:

Currently, I'm not accepting any projects but that may change in the future.