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Avoidance Theory
Calico Cliche CD EP
Avoidance Theory remains strange and dreamy, and sometimes creepy on their "Calico Cliche" CD EP. Simple whispered melodies nestle alongside acoustic and distorted guitars on some tracks, while other songs evolve beyond strict verse-chorus by looping a particular theme. And as usual, tiny bells pack a quiet punch. This release is currently FREE

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Avoidance Theory
The Shape of Trees CD
Lush tree themes filtered thru science fiction folk eyes are the focus of the 10 song CD "The Shape of Trees" by Avoidance Theory. The songs vary from the gentle, pensive folk of "Neck of the Woods" and "Emotion Sickness" to quirkier items like the buzzy, cicada infused "Welcome Fits" and the distortion-centric "United Organ".

Carte Blanche
Summer's End CD EP
Carte Blanche perfect their recipe for dreamy boygirl harmonies and solid pop tunes on their debut EP. Songs like "I'll Take A Chance" and "Summer's End" are less an open declaration of love than a succinct document of the realities of how a relationship starts off.

Shmat Records
A Map Of The Woods CD Compilation
What's red, white, black, and er, brownish tan? Why it's the Shmat Records compilation, chock filled with indie pop and rock goodness from San Gabriel Valley bands like Awestruck Dumbfounded, Tigerella, Carte Blanche, The Awkward Age, Avoidance Theory, Light Sleeper, Hrududu Factory, and Ivan The Bear. A great introduction to the Shmat Records catalog.

Self Titled CD
Once described as a combination of Sonic Youth and a math class, Tigerella strips away such generalizations with heartfelt indie rock songs about such diverse subjects such as the wonders of nature, humiliation under the big top, the tragic lives of robots and the cynicism and confusion that come with growing up.

Hrududu Factory
Songs From The Burrow CD EP
These are strange little pop songs that feel as if they've been newly unearthed from the warm California soil. Hrududu Factory provides weird clues about the early history of Alhambra, CA, mixing mope rock with twitchy rabbit beats and intermittent low-flying kazoos.

Light Sleeper
Self Titled CD
Any way you cut it, Light Sleeper's infectious self-titled first album proves the trio has earned a master's degree in writing the perfect pop song. Songs like "Febrile on February", "Pop Song", and "Come on Baby" will live with you in the shower for days on end.

Avoidance Theory
Promise to the Refrigerator
Avoidance Theory combines quirky lyrics with indie rock smarts on their 6 song EP, "Promise To The Refrigerator". With a penchant for both sweet melodies and science fiction experimentalism, the record runs the gamut from the whispery "Red and Whites" to the freaky, walkie-talkie static in "Bells Revenge".