avoidance theory
Calico Cliche EP (SHMAT08)

Released: September 30, 2008

This item is currently a FREE download:

1. Calico Cliche (play mp3)
2. Break and Follow (play mp3)
3. Yellow (play mp3)
4. Land of the Lost (play mp3)

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Recommended for fans of: Low, Basement Apartment, Norfolk & Western, N. Lannon, Grandaddy

This is not an EP. Or perhaps it is. Why not just download it and see?

The "Calico Cliche" CD EP is the third release from Avoidance Theory. After 4 years of messing around with guitars, keyboards and quirky sounds in order to try come up with something comparable to their full length "The Shape Of Trees", Bryan and Linda decided to heck with it and just decided to offer the songs as a free EP. Whether this will be the modus operandi for Shmat Records has yet to be decided.

Earlier, Avoidance Theory's pop-folk songs had been labeled "Twin Peaks"-esque. While a bit of that quirk remains, the buzzing robotics and experimental voiceovers have gone the way of the dodo for now. The simple but memorable melodies are still there, however. Layered and looped sounds round out the overall feel, which still hovers sweetly in the lo-fi realm.

This free download is a first for the band (as well as this label). Other tracks may be added later, including covers and/or alternate takes. Please check back and see if/how it evolves...